I can develop a brand, design for your existing brand, train your staff on industry-standard Adobe software tools, and speak about branding at your next event. Read more about these services on the tabs below.

  • Identity + Special Events

    Identity design begins with a conversation about who and what you want to be to your people. It provides both visual and behavioral instructions that make up your brand persona. Its visual assets include logo, color, photography, and iconography.


    There are three stages to event design—planning, implementation, evaluation–and brand reinforcement is critical at each stage, especially if sponsors are involved. It can significantly improve the ROI for your event when done well.


    Branding is not like the paint on your walls at home—it is not subject to your feelings but it is beholden to everyone else. You have to first understand its value to your people before changing things up. Let’s talk about how we can make meaningful changes that everyone can buy into.

  • Promotion

    Promotional design includes printed and electronic design products such as flyers, brochures, posters, social media templates, and e-newsletter templates.


    Publication design includes printed and electronic, short- and long-form publications such as booklets, research and policy reports, quarterly or annual reports, anthologies, and textbooks.

    WordPress Web

    I design websites using WordPress’s powerful content management system because it is easily accessible for in-house staff to maintain. Web design includes 3 months of support following website launch and website backend training for in-house staff (onsite or virtual).

  • Brand Theory

    I train creative staff, especially young creative staffers, how to not only execute the production requests but also clarify their role in executing the brand vision of your company. I also educate nonprofit boards about the impact of branding as an internal function of the organization.

    Software Skills

    For businesses that invest in professional development for their creative agents, I offer software training specific to the type of creative work. Each Adobe tool functions for a specific design product and I can teach to workflows for most design products, including the integration of Canva in your brand campaigns.

  • Conferences

    Every good business conference offers a session on business branding. I am available to speak at your business conferences as a full- or half-day session presenter. I tailor my conference sessions to the audience profile for your event so that the key takeaways stick. As a former teacher, class is always in session.


    I am not a workshop facilitator—it is my philosophy that people need to participate in their learning in order to actually learn. Invite me to host a workshop on brand theory or best practices, and I promise your attendees won’t forget the experience.


    If your business team or organizational board schedules an annual or semi-annual retreat and needs a brief pep talk regarding your brand, bring me in coach. In a room full of leaders, it’s easy for people to be concerned most about what’s within their purview…luckily branding is a business component that everyone is equally responsible for. You tell me your greatest challenge, I will tailor a talk to meet the needs of your team.







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Design Roots Run Deep

I’ve been a designer for almost all of my life, going back to the age of 9. All the back-to-school spirit led to me reflect on how deep in design my roots truly run. If I do the math right, my design tree has 32 rings. Here’s my origin story.

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Who Remembers You?

Business is cyclic so it isn’t uncommon to find yourself hopping from event to event, meeting to meeting, handing out your business cards (or asking people to scan your QR contact code). That’s all great, but who remembers you?

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Words Hurt More

The truth is, words hurt—I mean, they can cut you really deep. In this age of social media, general audiences are no-holds-barred and brutally honest when a brand experience fails to deliver. Their words will hurt your brand.

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Balance with Boundaries

I’m coming to the end of my third anniversary of choosing to work for myself instead of working for someone else. One of the steepest curves I had to learn was balance.

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Krystal Ferguson


I have a keen sense of branding, I care about your brand signals, I want to see your endeavors thrive, and I will teach you how to maintain a healthy brand. It’s that simple. I’m the consultant’s consultant—and I’m ready to take off when you are!

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